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Rudi Fischerlehner 15 8 slum

15 8 SLUM   en/de

"Complex, challenging but totally affecting."
The state51 Conspiracy

15 8 SLUM is the title of Rudi Fischerlehner's debut drum solo album, released on Not Applicable. A note about a rhythm in 15/8 lying side by side with Rene Pollesch's book "www-slums" next to his drumkit lead to the slightly dadaistic title, which seemed appropriate to describe the extremes in Fischerlehner's music: polyrhythmic layers and constructions on one hand and textural sounds and noise on the other hand. It ́s complex and abstract - and goes to the core instantly.

The album was featured in radio Ö1 Zeit-Ton, SWR Sonic Wilderness and BBC Late Junction, live concerts took place at Ackerstadtpalast Berlin (presented by amStart), Strenge Kammer at Porgy&Bess Vienna, Grill X Vienna (presented by "Der blöde dritte Mittwoch"), Interpenetrations Graz, Solo Impro Festival Berlin and many more.

Please see Martin Schray´s article on freejazzblog for more backgound information on the album.


15 8 SLUM is out on Not Applicable on CD and digital, available from Bandcamp


Semta on youtube

Live at Berlin Solo Impro Festival 2021 on youtube

Live at Interpenetration Graz 2022 on youtube


photos & press infos from Dropbox

Rudi Fischerlehner 15 8 Slum

"15 8 Slum is a journey into sound. Highly enjoyable. Not only for drummers."
Martin Schray, Freejazzblog

"Wondrous, great and sensitive solo work."
Marlene Schnedl, Radio Ö1, Zeit-Ton

"True freedom reigns, and personality surfaces. There´s a wealth of great sounds. This is not only for drummers or improv-purists, this is an unagitated, beautiful and all around successful record."
Simon Camatta, freiStil

"The titles of 15 8 SLUM are not only an opportunity to admire the percussion work of this Austrian musician. Each of the six pieces is a carefully constructed composition with a specific athmospere and dramaturgy."
Robert Ratajczak, Longplay

Rudi Fischerlehner solo
Tagesspiegel, photo by Anna Motterle

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